Feeling Blessed

I lay myself in bed, my mind wander on how my life has turned the way it was today. How I made to this point. My two babies sleeping next to me, while hubby sleep nearby.

It's amazing how life has turned to be nothing the way I planned. Instead it feels more beautiful that I could have imagined. 

We finally own a house. It's an old house. It's not that big but not small either. We have enough space to grow. I remembered months ago when I cried and felt angry to myself, thinking that I could never own a house. But blessing came when I didn't expect it to come.

I have two healthy and happy baby, one serious and strong willed toddler and another carefree and happy baby. I have an amazing hubby who always put himself second, after his family.

I can't help but thinking how I've been so blessed. 

Thank you, Allah. Thank you... 

This is more than I could ever hope for. More than I could ever imagine.

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