Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. There are two form of goodbyes, a see-you-later and the one that meant to last forever. 

hate goodbyes. I personally think it's hard, to say goodbye to a love one or to my favorite thing that I love very much. But today I have to be brave. Today I have to say goodbye to my first "home". The first house (apartment) that I bought with my own money, using my savings from the salary I had by working in KL, Malaysia. So it is full of memories & hard work. 
I bought the apartment on 2009. Lived there with my hubby for 6 months when I was pregnant with Alika. And have it rented for a year++ to a small family.
This kind of goodbye is forever. I won't be seeing you anymore. I hope your new owner treat you well. Thank you for being a part of us for sometime. You have been a comfortable & perfect home for us, even for a brief moment.

We love you...

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