Don't Forget to be Fun

Whenever I arrive at home after work, all I could think of was the list of errands I need to fulfill. I have to change my clothes, have some quick dinner, play with the kids, change their clothes to pyjamas, read them stories, lure them to brush their teeth, wash their feet, and the list went on and on.

It seems that the to do list was never ending and it gives me pressure to finish them as quickly as possible so that everything is on schedule. The kids have to be in bed at 8.30pm, so that they will finally fall asleep at around 9.00pm. And I could finally get some rest too.

Sometimes, instead of enjoying the routines, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. The pressure made me easily lose my patience against my children. Until one day, the kids don't want me. At one point of time, the kids only greeted me when I arrived at home and then they continue to play with their nannies. Even when the bedtime comes, they didn't come looking for me. Everything was being handled by thier nannies.

At first I kinda enjoy the luxury of having a little time to rest after work, without the kids nagging me; Bunda I want this and that, etc. But after a while, I miss them. I felt that I'm losing them. You know, that the bond between me and my kids are a bit loose. And I hated that.

Then I tried to win them back. I observe the way the nannies handle my children, and I came to realize the one thing I miss: being Fun. Whenever the kids tried to disobey the routines, the nannies fixed it by being playful. They came to the same destination as I did, but in a different way.

I was the strict one, while the nannies were the fun one. Kids love the fun ways of doing things. They love to wiggle while brushing their teeth, they love to run around while adults try to put their clothes on and they love to sing before bed.

Being an adult and a mother has sometimes make me forget to be a fun person. Kids love to have fun. They like funny person. I learnt that I can reach the same destination in a different way. I can't be fun all the time, I need to set the rules one in a while. But whenever possible, I won't forget to be Fun.

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