So, What's your Passion?

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Pertanyaan ini dilontarkan oleh salah seorang teman kantor tadi pagi, saat kami sedang duduk-duduk santai di Starbucks menikmati promo Buy One Get One. And my reply was: "Huh?". Iya, passion lo apa? What did you do, what did you love the most when you were my age and didn't have any children, yet?

And I was silent for a moment, my answer was: Writing! I love to write; and Photography, I love to take picture; and lastly I love to read books. That's all I can think about. And I'm quite surprised by my answer and how I define myself. I can't remember the last time I have to define myself not as a mom, a working pro or having conversation about parenting issue.

Reading. I love to read. My favorite back then was fiction novels. I love Khaled Hossaeni, Time Traveler's Wife, The Memory's Keeper Daughter. I had to recall the list of books I enjoyed via my Goodreads account (ha!). Maybe my fondness to fictions was the one that made me fascinated to write.

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Writing. I love writing. I had thousand of thoughts and conversations in my head that one quote describe it very well: I had more conversations in my head than I do in real Life. I love to write, sometimes (too) personal thoughts that made me think: Does anyone care?

Photography. I was once an active member of iPhonesia. After having Alika, I couldn't arrange the perfect time management between working, taking care of her, taking care of my hubby and being an active member. The option was clear, I have to step back.

But now the kids are grown up, entering toddler years, I have more time to do things I left behind. I can read on the bus or at home, I can write on my smartphone everywhere and I can take pictures because hubby support my interest in photography (on a budget, off course).

And those are the reasons I'm back here to blog. I've lost many stories about my previous life because I didn't backup my writing (hiks huhuhu), but I'm sure I have many other things to write from now on. Can't be done when the kids are still babies. But now I can!

So passion, are you ready?? I'm back!

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