Happy Birthday to Me

So last week was my birthday. I'm 30++ now. Yeah since several years ago hahahaha hubby asked my what did I want for my birthday. But I can't think of any "gifts" I wanted for my birthday. Ever since I was a mom, I rarely feel the need to buy expensive things for myself. I tend to long for other priceless things in life or other pricey one, such as:

1. I want one weekend where I can sleep until noon. I want to be able to wake up at 9.00.
2. I want to be able to run every morning for 30 minutes.
3. I want a set of IKEA kids bed. It's time for the kids to sleep on their own bed. They will still sleep in our room, but in different bed. 
4. I want to renovate our house! We have a dream house, on how we (me!) want the house to be. I pray that God give us the blessing to make our dreams come true.

Talk about priceless things hahaha No 3 and 4 are clearly pricey 😅😋😋

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