Short Jogja (Business) Trip

My memory of Jogja are blurry, I went there 20 years ago and I'm sure a lot has changed. What I remembered of Jogja are only the Borobudur Temple and the sidewalk small restaurant usually called Angkringan. I can't even remember in which hotel I stayed 20 years ago.

So when I was sent for a business trip, I was so ecstatic. I didn't browse in details what are the tourist destinations, I was only relying on my friend's recommendation and several of their posts on local places and delicacies.

The trip was only two days, the first day was spent doing meeting and the next half day was spent exploring. I stayed at Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo, Jogja. If you google the hotel's name, a lot of scary ghost stories were related to the hotel. Hahaha but Thankfully I didn't experience any during my stayed there. The hotel was 4 stars, the room is spacious and nice. The food is also nice. It also have a big swimming pool and a kid's playground. Although I didn't spot any kids club.

Bali, we’re in LOVE

Last month we had a chance to visit Bali as a family. It was actually a business trip but I extend it into our short Bali vacation. We’ve been wanting to visit Bali since last year, but the airplane ticket was never on sale, so we keep on postponing. Ever since I heard that I will have a chance to visit Bali for business trip, then I inform Chandra and said “Let’s do this, let’s go to Bali”. Although we didn’t have designated budget for the trip hahaha (bad financial habit!).

What has changed?

Setahun yang lalu memutuskan untuk berjilbab setelah pulang umrah. Beberapa waktu lalu, ditanya temen "Jadi apa yg udah berubah dari diri lo, Si? Semenjak pake jilbab?" 

Jleb jleb jleb!!! Hahahaha and so I wrote this. As a reminder for myself, to always learn more.


What has changed?

Beneath the new colorful hijabs,
What has changed?

Beneath the ever growing hijab collections
What has changed?

Beneath your loose shirts and wide skirts
What has changed?

Have you grown more pious?
Did you recite more verse from the Quran?
Did you keep your prayers and do more of the sunnah?
Did you wake up on the peaceful third part of the night?
Are you kind to others?
Did you give more?
Did you live by the deen?
Did you take orphanage to live under your care?

Because what counts are more than just the long hijab

What counts are the times when you held your tongue tied instead of judging others

What counts are the times when you're being the guardian of the unseen

What counts are the times when you become the safest place for your children

What counts are the times when you become the remedy for your husband exhaustion

What counts are the times you hold yourself instead of throwing arguments to your mother

What counts are the times when you respect others

What counts are the times when you advice someone in private instead of judging in public

What counts are things that has changed within yourself, the ones coming back to Allah. The ones hardly seen physically.

So tell me, what has changed? Since your hijrah, what has truly changed?

And a year pass, I'm still figuring out.